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About last time

Last year we had our coworking & coliving space Colares, in the middle of nature. It was a fun, and inspiring time. We met so many great people. It was so great, that we are just going to continue with the improved concept in an even better location. Here are a few stories we've had the pleasure of sharing with our guests.



Having a great laugh, after work, is important  ... 

Last summer we were in the middle of the European Football Championship. This added to the ambiance during the after-work hours. Some residents were louder supporters than others.  But we had a lot of fun. 


Kitesurf trips to Guincho beach & Albufeira lagoon... 

When there was wind, the kitesurfers among us went out. Albufeira lagoon, Guincho beach, and Fonte da Thelha are wonderful places. From beginner to expert. It was fun. 



Everyone has is own way of working ...

It was fun to see how everyone used and set up the house as their workplace. Alone in peace or brainstorming together, inside or outside. And even in the hammock. Each one doing his or her thing. 


The result of a (long) brainstorm session.... 

Last year we did business modeling sessions together. This was an intense afternoon that resulted in more insights into the "online training" business model (and too many post-its :)

Image by Hugo Rocha


A hike is always a good idea  ...

There is so much beautiful nature to enjoy. You are close to amazing coasts, beaches, and fantastic cliffs. We often went for hikes together This was a walk to the remote beach in Priaia Ursas. 


And teambuilding on a boat... 

As a surprise, we rented a boat for a tour of Lisbon. Cruising past monuments at the golden hour with a glass of cave in hand. You have to admit, what a great idea.


What casa saudade residents say : 

"When I arrived in Casa Saudade, my head was filled with loose ideas and vague plans for a business. With a lot of help from Dorien, I left with a clear strategy, a business model, and an action plan for the months to come. Starting a business can feel like climbing a ginormous mountain, but it becomes a lot more attainable when you can build on the experience of others. If you’re in need of someone to challenge you, to give you feedback, or just the occasional pet on the back, I can think of no one better than Dorien. What helped almost as much was the presence of the other guests.  And of course, the time spent ‘after office hours’ was as important in making the trip to Portugal not just about work but an unforgettable experience. To sum up, staying at Casa Saudade felt like taking a head start.   "
Jasper, Freelance Journalist & Co-founder Duurzame Beleggers Academy 
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