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We’re located in a quiet area between the forest & the beach  Aldeia do Meco
Sesimbra, Portugal

It’s easy to find us, but hard to leave.

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The nearest airport is Lisbon. From there it is another 40min by car. There are several ways to get here. Below we outline the main ones. 


By Train & bus

You can take a train & bus from Lisbon to Sesimbra. It's not the fastest way, but definability the cheapest, and most sustainable option. It will take approximately 1,5h. There you can then rent a bike or take a Taxi/Uber or call us. The ride will take another 5 min. 


By Uber or taxi

You can also take a taxi or Uber from Lisbon airport. It's a 40min drive. It's easy to get around. Cabs in Portugal are actually quite affordable and, although Uber is often slightly cheaper, they don't differ that much. Of course, there are other advantages to Uber. The choice is yours. 

Image by Austin Distel
Image by Paulo Almeida


By Bike 

If you want to rent a bike there are plenty of options.  There are bike rental shops in town. They also provide information on bicycle routes and the countryside. You can rent them for a day or a week.


By Rental car

If you want to explore a lot, it is, of course, convenient to have your own car. There are many rental companies both in the airport itself or by a shuttle service. The price is reasonable, but they can charge you for extra services ( for which you have not asked).  Feel free to contact us for advice. 

Image by Sonnie Hiles


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